The Division of 任务 和 部

The Division of 任务 和 部 serves The University of 斯克兰顿 by making visible 和 effective our Roman Catholic 和 Jesuit identity with a spirit of inclusivity of all religious traditions 和 other expressions of healthy spirituality. Inspired by the Gospel of Jesus Christ 和 the charism of St. 伊格内修斯, we offer students, faculty 和 staff opportunities to become women 和 men for 和 with others.

These opportunities include ways to:

  • Explore 和 express your relationship with God
  • Form consciences
  • Live out faith in reflective service
  • Work for justice
  • Be in solidarity with all of Creation, especially with the poor 和 marginalized

The division oversees Campus 部, The Center for 服务 和 社会正义 The Jesuit Center.  Each department focuses on a different aspect 和 group of people.

Campus 部 is here to journey with 所有 students 和 offers:

  • Worship 和 Prayer
  • Spiritual Formation
  • 撤退
  • 圣礼
  • Leadership Opportunities

The Center for 服务 和 社会正义, referred to as CSSJ, gives the students an opportunity to reflect on service through the lens of faith 和 offers:

  • Local, Domestic, 和 International 旅行服务
  • 服务
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • 宣传
  • Justice Education

The Jesuit Center helps employees of the University to better underst和 their faith 和 relationship with God 和 keeps its Catholic 和 Jesuit character at the center of the educational enterprise. The Center does this by:

  • Fostering faculty 和 staff participation in the Jesuit higher educational mission
  • Supporting faculty teaching 和 scholarship that advances the University’s Catholic 和 Jesuit character
  • Promoting Ignatian spirituality within an interreligious context