University of 斯克兰顿 students in a first year biology lab.

Pre-Medical 和 Pre-Health Professions Program

斯克兰顿's Pre-Medical 和 Pre-Health Professions Program has a long tradition of preparing students to excel at the next level of their education. 

As a pre-health student at 斯克兰顿, you’ll have the chance to:  

  • challenge yourself academically  
  • develop your humanistic side by participating in service opportunities on 和 off-campus  
  • conduct research projects with faculty  
  • gain an underst和ing 和 appreciation of the clinical aspects of healthcare delivery

Students are encouraged to join the Health Professions Organization (HPO),  a student-run club providing peer advising,  weekly talks 和 presentations, 和 networking opportunities with health care professionals in Northeast Pennsylvania.

Of the more than 1,200 applicants to doctoral health professions schools over the past 20 years, nearly 80% were accepted to schools of medicine, 牙科, veterinary medicine, 足部医疗, 验光 和 药店. Our acceptance rates are consistently higher than the national acceptance rates.

  • In the past 10 years, more than half of our successful applicants have received more than one acceptance.
  • 斯克兰顿 students accepted to medical 和 other health professions schools generally have had a total GPA of 3.6 or higher, 和 a science GPA of 3.45或以上.

The Office of Health Professions

The office provides comprehensive advising to all students interested in preparing for a career in the health professions.   
Whether your goal is medicine, 牙科, veterinary medicine, 验光, 足部医疗, 药店, or physician assistant studies, our holistic 和 personalized advising can assist you with:  

  • 课程计划  
  • extracurricular 和 experiential opportunities  
  • the application process  
  • preparing for interviews

Meet With An Advisor:

You should meet with a pre-health advisor at least once a semester,  but you can have multiple meetings if necessary.

Our office is at  301 IMBM (The Institute of Molecular Biology 和 Medicine, next to 校友 Memorial Hall). We are open year-round, including winter break, spring break, 和 summer.

To schedule an appointment with pre-health advisor Dr. Gabriela Jakubowska:



Call the Office of Health Professions at 570-941-7901

To schedule an appointment with pre-health advisor Dr. Michael Fennie:

博士的邮件. Fennie directly at